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First Peek Ultrasounds

First Peek Ultrasounds


Out with the OLD…

Old School Ultrasounds

…In with the NEW!

4D Ultrasound at Mooney & Berry Gynecologists

What a 4d ultrasound does

Like regular ultrasounds, 3D and 4D ultrasounds use sound waves to create an image of your baby in your womb. What's different is that 3D ultrasounds create a three-dimensional image of your baby, while 4D ultrasounds create a live video effect, like a movie -- you can watch your baby smile or yawn.

Parents often want 3D and 4D ultrasounds. They let you see your baby's face for the first time!

first peek

With our new 3D/4D ultrasound imaging, we can let you see what your child looks like while still in the womb. There are all kinds of “firsts” in your baby’s life…let us give you a “1st Peek” of your new baby before it’s born.

Special Pricing

$75 - Gender Identity Scan

Plus Sneak Peek 4D

$125 - 3D/4D per 30 Minute Session

DVD Video

CD with Still Images

Black & White Pictures

We offer evenings and Saturday appointments for your convenience. Call our office at 985-345-2555 to learn more and to schedule your 4D Ultrasound.